Eat Lah UK。Branding Design

Eat Lah is a Malaysian Street Food stall in London.

The design aims to translate
local Malaysian elements into modern visual languages.

glossary /lah/
a slang used mainly by people of South-East Asia (Malaysia & Singapore mainly) to complement almost any sentence available in a social conversation.

/ branding design, illustration.

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brand personality

we are casual, vibrant & friendly.

we just love to eat lah!

(so malaysian!)

a play of language

eat → makan (malay)
lah  → 啦 (chinese)


malaysian slangs, food stall aesthetics, banana leaf, street signage, batik prints, herbs & spices, piring bambu (bamboo plates)

fun fact: their food are served on piring bambu!

find them on instagram @eatlahuk .