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走走。Kia Kia |
Penang Shophouses Walking Tour Kit

The project aims to tell a visual history of culture and architecture of Penang (Malaysia) shophouses that celebrates the influence from both eastern and western.

Kancil Awards, Kancil Students 2019: Bronze in Best Use of Cultural Insights, Merit in Static Visual Aesthetics (Art Direction)

/ publication design, illustration,
art direction.

The Tyranny of Choice

“We like choices because it feels luxurious. Choice of all sorts is dazzling...!”

How can we deny choice is the luxury of modern living? This project approach the subject of choice in a quirky, sarcastic way using everyday objects.

/ art direction, print design, photography. 

Eve's documentation 。
A personal branding + Portfolio

A peek into a designer’s documentation.

Eve's personal branding showcases not only who she is, rather, how she has built and developed herself as a designer; while revealing her focus, interest and the way she experiments/ works towards an idea.

/ personal branding, publication design.

The Concept of Zero:
A publication (ISTD)

We don’t often, or perhaps ever, pay attention to the number zero. Do we acknowledge zero as a number or just a void we realise when we are missing something?

As you flip through the pages, may you see the world with fresh eyes with the concept of zero.

/ publication design.

Words of Confusion

“Everyday is like a multiple choice tests...”

This brief intends to explore and reinterpret the notion behind the words we mutter when we’re confused or– indecisive.

/ sound piece, print design,
moving image.