Words of Confusion

“Everyday is like a multiple choice tests...”

This brief intends to explore and reinterpret the notion behind the words we mutter when we’re confused or– indecisive.

/ sound piece, print design,
moving image.

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Part I.
a series of sound pieces that reinterprets the words <maybe, should I and what if> based on actual situations.

from Eve Lyn Lau on Vimeo.

Part II.
a series of prints exploring the uncertainities that’s troubling people on daily basis, especially during this pandemic. Since we are all staying home, the visuals utilise everyday objects we can easily find at home.

content: I posted an Instagram story asking my followers to complete the sentence <Should I...> with the things they are struggling to decide. 

scanned objects:

Part III.
This brief aims to reimagine the narrative of struggling international student into a series of Instagram stories– with the elements of Instagram polls, ask me a question, memories, video,
gif, sound

content: I gathered some thoughts from my friends who are still in the UK and those who have returned.